How Do I Show Up On the First Page of Google?

By Guy Edwards of Brainjar Media | June 10, 2016


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As a Digital Marketing Company Brainjar Media gets asked this question all the time. Our response is usually to answer with another question, “What keywords do you want to be on the first page for?”  We realize that not many people like answers in the form of questions, except for Alex Trebek and perhaps Socrates, it is an important question to ask because you need to know what your customers are typing to find businesses like yours.

More importantly, you may be making the wrong assumptions about how your customers are finding you (and your competitors) on Google.  Here’s an example: say you’re a mouse exterminator and you want to be #1 on Google for the search term “mouse exterminator.” It seems like a safe assumption, but the truth is according to Google’s own data, 25% more people actually type “mice exterminator.”  That’s one out of every four  potential customers going to someone else’s website.  Better yet, again according to Google, 95 percent  more people type in “get rid of mice” when they are looking for exterminators—that means they are not even typing terms that you think are standard to your industry. This is the case for most businesses.  

At best, hopefully that insight was a lightbulb moment. At worst, some of you may be looking for the red panic button.

Don’t worry we have a simple solution. First find the keywords you should be targeting. You can use a free tool at to test the popularity of several keywords at once. If you scroll down it will even suggest related terms that you didn’t think of. Not bad, eh?

Here’s the important part: create a single web page for those keywords.  Going back to our exterminator example you will want a page called “How we Get Rid of Mice.” Now you have a page that is specific to what people are typing and it is not diluted with all your other services. When Google sees you are the only exterminator that has a page dedicated to getting rid of mice, you will be rewarded. You will want to do this for each service. Better yet, do a YouTube search for “get rid of mice” and embed one of the first videos that pops up for that search. You can do this for any industry and any topic. Building a specific page for each service/product with an embedded video is a quick way for you to get closer to the first page of Google.  

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