Equity Committee, Susan Spencer
This committee’s objective is to make sure our agency is inclusive for
everyone in our diverse area. Having language barriers removed and working
on ways to involved businesses and residents of all cultures is part of our

Marketing Committee, Chairperson, Anne Erline
The Marketing Committee is responsible for creating and implementing the marketing plan,
working with other committees to market their needs,
addressing graphic design, website and other technology needs.

Festival Committee, Chairperson, Lorelei Young
This committee is actively working on the “Midway’s Festival
of Nations” event on September 20th 12 – 4pm at 122nd and SE Division.

Capital Improvements Committee, Chairperson, Anthony Moreschi
Anthony shares his architectural skills and knowledge to lead the
community with business store front improvements, grants, community
design and other creative projects.

Financial Development Committee, Connor Riggs
Our success as an agency to make a difference in the district
relies on the support of the community and financial donations.
This committee works on the Financial development stratgy.